„Krieg in der Ukraine und Folgen für Hamburg“

Rede von Sören Schumacher in der Hamburgischen Bürgerschaft am 3. März 2022 in der Aussprache zur Regierungserklärung von Bürgermeister Peter Tschentscher.

Gewidmet Vitalii Yaremchuk zu seinem 28. Geburtstag.
Dedicated to Vitalii Yaremchuk on his 28th birthday.

My speech in English:

Madam President, Ladies and Gentlemen, shortly before this session of the Hamburg Parliament, I made a promise. I talked with a colleague from the Council of Europe who is in Ukraine.

He will be 28 tomorrow and he would like as many people as possible to know how he is doing. And not only he himself, but also many of his colleagues. They sit in subway shafts night after night, unable to find any sleep. During the day they make camouflage nets and thousands of Molotov cocktails. They live in fear, amidst terror. That‘s why I made the promise to draw attention to his fate, which stands for many others, and to do it right here today in our house, the Hamburg Parliament.

Let us stand in solidarity! Let us help wherever we can!

Thank you.